Researchers and caps on the move in the Nordics

In a column published in the journal Läraren, project PI Fritjof Sahlström writes about recent project meetings in Karlstad, Sweden. The citizen science approach of the project has not only connected Nordic academics but also pupils who have participated in the project as co-researchers.

In a column published in Läraren, a professional journal targeted for the teachers of Swedish-medium schools in Finland, project PI Fritjof Sahlström writes about recent project related meetings in Karlstad, Sweden. Unlike most research meetings, one of the visits connected a group of ninth graders from the project's field schools in Finland and Sweden. 

During this school year, the pupils have participated as co-researchers in a citizen science project conducted in the third substudy, focusing on digital and physical school spaces in current and future educational settings. The visit provided opportunities for the pupils to reflect on the similarities and differences between their everyday lives at school. Moreover, as a result of various co-incidences related to cancelled trains and a missing cap, the academic team members were given food for thought with regard to remembering and forgetting – a central element in the project's methodological approach.