New project focuses on language attitudes

For this past year, language issues have been prominent in the national media, making the vitality of the Finnish language a common topic of discussion. The LAIF research project, funded by the Kone Foundation, uses sociolinguistics methods to examine prevailing language ideologies and attitudes in Finland. The project aims to raise language awareness in Finland and bring scientific research closer to citizens. The project aims to provide information on what it means to live in multilingual contemporary Finland from the perspective of different language groups and thus to increase mutual understanding among people living in Finland.

The survey is open until end of year 2023

Katariina Pyykö's doctoral thesis deals with immigrants' language attitudes and language-related experiences in Finland. Pyykkö is currently collecting data through a survey. The survey is aimed at academically educated immigrants living in Finland and is open until the end of this year 2023.

About the project

The Language Attitudes and Ideologies in Finland project employs three linguists and a communications expert. Dr Laura Hekanaho studies language attitudes; PhD researcher Katariina Pyykkö immigrant languages; Dr Marika Hall language ideologies; and communication expert Anna Suutarla designs and implements the project's communication plan to raise language awareness throughout Finland. Dr Elizabeth Peterson, Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Helsinki leads the project. The project is funded by the Kone Foundation and will run from 2023-2026. The acronym LAIF comes from the English name Language Awareness and Ideologies in Finland. Follow the project on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and X.

Media contact

Anna Suutarla, Communications Specialist, University of Helsinki