The project researchers.
Mika Lavento, PI

Mika is a professor at the University of Helsinki. He has researched the Early Metal Age in the Fenno-Ugrian area (Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia), particularly. He has done field work, including surveys and environmental investigations in Jordan and geo-archaeological research in Greece with the purpose to locate new prehistorical sites. In the Europeanization of Finland and Karelian Isthmus, he is the head of the project.

Georg Haggrén

Georg is a professor of archaeology (temp.) at the University of Turku and a docent of Historical Archaeology at the University of Helsinki. He is specialized in medieval and early modern Scandinavia and Baltic Area. He has run several projects focused on medieval settlement and environmental history as well as on the deserted medieval village of Mankby and the castle of Raseborg. He is also specialized on urban archaeology and find studies (especially archaeology of glass). In the Europeanization of Finland and Karelian Isthmus, he is the vice head of the project.

Frida Ehrnsten

Frida is an archaeologist specialized in coins. She obtained her PhD in archaeology at the University of Helsinki in 2019, with a thesis on the usage of coins in Finland during the Middle Ages. She is the keeper of the Numismatic collections in the National Museum of Finland.

In this project she will focus on coins as symbols of power and as indicators of changes in medieval politics. A comparison with coin finds from around the Baltic sea region underlines the distinctive features in coin circulation in the eastern territories of historical Sweden.

Tuuli Heinonen

Tuuli completed her PhD in archaeology at the University of Helsinki in 2021. In her research, she has focused on the Iron Age and medieval settlement history of southern Finland and the material and social aspects of rural life in the Middle Ages.

In this project, she will focus on the material culture of medieval castles and the relationship between castles and their environment in southern Finland. 

Hanna Kivikero

Hanna is an archaeologist specialized in bone material. She obtained her PhD in archaeology at the University of Helsinki in 2020 on the use of animals in castle food economy. Her research combines data from zooarchaeological assemblages with archive records.

In this project she will be working on zooarchaeological remains and castle accounting books from several sites around the Gulf of Finland with the aim of getting more information on the use of surrounding resources in castle economies and how food products were used in different areas.

Tarja Knuutinen

Tarja is a doctoral researcher focusing on the establishment and early history of the medieval Raseborg Castle as well as the development of the castle surroundings. She works as an archaeologist in Västra Nylands museum – the regional museum of Western Uusimaa.

In this project she will examine the numerous minor fortifications in Western Uusimaa region, dating from the Late Iron Age to the Middle Ages. Her research focuses specifically on the relationship between the fortifications, the surrounding settlement, and the development of the regional administration during the period from the 13th to the 16th century.

Jasse Tiilikkala

Jasse is a doctoral researcher and his work centres on Iron Age and medieval hillforts and castles in Tavastland and the development of settlement from Iron Age to Middle Ages.

In this project he will be looking more deeply into the relationship between the hillforts and the surrounding settlements.