Workshop on the North in Russian literature

22 March 2019, the Northern Neighbours hosted an internal project workshop at the University of Helsinki, in which project researchers presented their own research topics. The workshop was the first event of the project.

Researchers from the Northern Neighbours met at the University of Helsinki on 22 March 2019 to discuss each other’s research topics. The following papers were heard at the morning workshop:

  • Lukin, Karina. "Becoming a Socialist Nenets - Human / Non-human Others in Tiko Vilka's (auto)Biographies".
  • Lappela, Anni. "Soviet past and present-day Arctic in Dmitrii Danilov’s urban prose".
  • Perkiömäki, Mika. "Meanings of the River in Russian Anthropocene Fiction. From Noosphere Stories of Environmental Justice to Trans-Corporeality".

Presentations were also commented on by other researchers the project, Tintti Klapuri and Eeva Kuikka, and Otto Boele, a lecturer invited as a special guest from Leiden University.