The Northern Neighbours presented themselves at the Conference of Scandinavian Slavists in Joensuu

The project Northern Neighbours organized the panel “Environment and Modernization in the Literature of the Russian Arctic” at the 21st Conference of Scandinavian Slavists, held in Joensuu 14-18 August 2019.

In August 2019, the project Northern Neighbours travelled to Joensuu to present their research topics at the 21st Conference of Scandinavian Slavists. The project organized a panel entitled “Environment and Modernization in the Literatures of the Russian Arctic”. The project participants gave four presentations in the panel:

  • Kuikka, Eeva. "From modernist exploitation to animistic posthumanism: human-animal relations in Yuri Rytkheu’s prose works".
  • Lappela, Anni. "Urban Arctic: City of Salekhard in Iulia Nikitina’s graphic novel Polunochnaia zemlia".
  • Lukin, Karina. "Socialism in Terms of Northern Nature. Environmental Metaphors in the Novels of Nikolai Vilka".
  • Perkiömäki, Mika. "Between Pomor Traditions and Arctic Modernities. Boris Shergin's Northern Text".

The project leader, Tintti Klapuri, acted as a discussant, commenting on the presentations. A large audience actively participated in the debate and raised new perspectives for the researchers to consider.