Early teaching of foreign languages

The Early Teaching of Foreign Languages project  was one of the Ministry of Education and Culture's key projects for 2018-2021. The aim of the project was to develop language teachers' skills in teaching languages in primary education. The project developed pedagogical models for early language teaching, which are available in Finnish on the Finnish version of this website.

The developed language teachers' skills and enabled language teachers and students to create new approaches to early language learning in a research-based, student-centred and collaborative way. The project strengthened the use of research knowledge in teacher education and in-service training. It also strengthened the research-based nature of teachers' professional competence and drew on national and international good practices and approaches. During the project, two implementations of tutor teacher training in early language teaching were organised, producing models for the systematic development of language teachers' and trainers' professional competences. During the in-service training, participants designed pedagogical lesson plans for early language teaching. Both the tutor teacher models and the lesson plans have been published on the Finnish version of this website (in Finnish).