Peace education in schools

In the Peace education in schools sub-project, educational institutions and teachers are supported in strengthening peacemaking and global education.

A key goal is to carry out peace education as part of teaching in a range of school subjects in accordance with the curriculum.

The sub-project is carried out in close cooperation with Professor Arto Kallioniemi, UNESCO Chair in Values, Dialogue and Human Rights in Education. The sub-project is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

During the sub-project, we will organise general and school subject–specific think tanks, in which ideas for concrete learning assignments and topics of discussion in peace education and global citizenship will be drawn up in a range of subjects.

The project will result in a manual and learning materials for peace education in various school subjects and thematic entities that transcend subject boundaries.

Think tanks
Expert meetings

Over the course of the Peace education in schools sub-project, a group of experts representing the project’s broad-based expertise will convene three or four times. The meetings are aimed at collaboratively brainstorming and advancing peace education in Finland.

The expert group is tasked with supporting the development and implementation of the peace education manual and materials produced in the sub-project.

A manual to support peace education

The manual will be drawn up utilising a research-based and participatory approach. The manual will seamlessly integrate peace education into regular teaching based on the curriculum. The goal is to support teachers in including peace education as a natural part of the teaching in their school subjects and to develop the operating culture of their schools in a collaborative manner to promote sustainability and realise a culture of peace. 

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