Learning material for the promotion of cultural, worldview and linguistic awareness


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The Dialogikasvatus.fi web portal offers tools for cultural and worldview awareness in education. The aim of the portal is to support teachers and educators in their everyday work and to provide tools and fresh perspectives on the reinforcement of cultural and worldview awareness in education.

The portal contains material produced by various parties as well as the latest information on training and other news from the field of dialogue-based education. To make resources easier to find, they have been divided into six main themes: diversity in formal and informal settings, support for the identity of children and adolescents, dialogue on religions and worldviews, methods of responding to challenging situations, the Tähtijengi learning material on Finnish language and literature, and emotional and interaction skills. The web portal will also publish new material produced in the KUPERA project, including the Tähtijengi textbook series and the Kasvattajien opas: Katsomusdialogin ABC guide for educators.

The Forum for Culture and Religion FOKUS will maintain the site after the project ends, as of 1 July 2020.

Explore the web portal at www.dialogikasvatus.fi.


Tähtijengi is a series of textbooks on the Finnish language, with exercises designed for different skill levels. Consequently, the material can also be used in native language and literature education as well as Finnish as a second language education. The material is also well suited to preparatory instruction. The material includes three textbooks: for years 1 and 2, years 3 and 4, and years 5 and 6.

The books are built on the idea of language awareness, which is reflected in their structure, exercises, themes and their celebration of multilingualism at schools and encouragement for the use of all available language resources. The exercises focus on vocabulary, the structures of Finnish and the skills required to distinguish between text types and understand and produce texts. The themes have been designed to support the content of other subjects.

Tähtijengi learning material: www.dialogikasvatus.fi/tahtijengi and Library of Open Educational Resources (aoe.fi)

Kasvattajien opas: Katsomusdialogin ABC

The Finnish-language Katsomusdialogin ABC material is geared to educators for the reinforcement of dialogue and cultural and worldview awareness in education. The focus is on dialogue from the perspective of educators, such as the issues teachers should take into account when facilitating dialogue on worldviews. In addition to including diverse instructions, the guide explores the concept of dialogue on worldviews and uses examples to illustrate it in practice. The guide can be used by primary and secondary school teachers and other educators. The guide is divided into three sections: the content of worldview dialogue, dialogue instructions and dialogue exercises.

The use of cultural and worldview dialogue in education aims to develop the skills related to cultural diversity and the diversity of worldviews, which requires more than just internalising information. The guide will offer useful tools by presenting practical examples and encouraging users to practise and participate in activities so that their diversity skills develop through genuine meetings with others.

Intercultural and inter-worldview dialogue is a learning process in which educators can participate with this guide as support. Before you can teach anything about dialogue, you must first experience it first-hand.

The material will be published in spring 2020 at www.dialogikasvatus.fi.