Team & Collaborators

The principal investigator of the LGP-project is Kasper Braskén. The project team includes two postdoc researchers and a technical assistant. Furthermore, the project is supported by international collaborators.
Principal Investigator

Academy Research Fellow Kasper Braskén is the Principal Investigator of the LGP-project. He is a historian specialising in the global history of social movements, political protest activism, left-liberal internationalism, anti-colonialism and anti-racism. In his previous work, Braskén has investigated transnational and global anti-fascist networks, communist internationalism, and the relation between ethnic minorities and anti-fascism. During the LGP-project, Braskén will conduct new archival research in South Africa, Great Britain, the USA, and Germany. He will also lead the research of two postdocs in the LGP-project and team up with a group of international collaboration partners.

  • Nigel Copsey, Prof. – Teesside University: leading expert on the history of anti-fascism and fascism in Britain.
  • Madeleine Davis, Reader – Queen Mary UL: expert on the New Left in Britain.
  • Adam Mendelsohn Prof. – University of Cape Town: expert on ethnic minorities and Jewish history
  • Federico Finchelstein, Prof. – New School for Social Research, NYC: internationally acclaimed expert on the history of fascism and populism.
  • Peter Cole, Prof. – Western Illinois University: expert on the history of social movements, urban history, and inter-ethnic labor organizing in the US.
  • Michael Goebel, Prof. – FU Berlin: expert on the history of migration, cities, and the Global Urban History Project.