The Master's Programme in Neuroscience

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field of science that studies the brain and the entire nervous system at different levels of organization, from genes and molecules to nerve cells and networks; and beyond.

About the programme

In the Master's Programme in Neuroscience at the University of Helsinki, you get the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in a scientifically vibrant international environment. You are taught by scientists who will provide you with a wide spectrum of opportunities both for practical training and for becoming integrated into the stimulating neuroscience community. When you graduate, you will master the essentials of neuroscience and have a deeper knowledge and skills in the subfields of your choice.

Application process

You can apply to the International Master's Programmes at the University of Helsinki from Dec 3, 2019, to Jan 10, 2020 (studies starting in autumn 2020). To keep updated about the application process, sign up for our Admissions Newsletter.

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