Business Finland funds Co-creation project at CICERO and JYU

CICERO Learning Network and University of Jyväskylä cooperate in the new project Musiikkia arkeen. The project aims to create new ways of incorporating mobile games and AR (augmented reality) in music education for all ages and settings.

The cooperative project is funded by Business Finland, and it will produce innovative, executable models for including AR in mobile music learning. It brings together expertise on AR technologies, brain research, pedagogy, and interactive solutions for playing and learning music. For example, learning to play the piano can be made more accessable to everyone by introducing AR elements that support learning and creativity, as well as make pracitsing fun.

The project is also a significant step in strengthening Finnish networks and economic life. It will map the need for and applicability of certain technological solutions, with the intention of including businesses in the project from the start.

Musiikkia arkeen is carried out by the Department of Music, Art and Culture studies and the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Jyväskylä, and the CICERO Learning Network at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

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