Una Europa Launches Survey to Explore The Alliance’s XR Technology Landscape

Are you a teacher, researcher, or staff member at one of the Una Europa universities with experience in XR technologies? If so, we'd greatly appreciate your insights! Please take a moment to fill out a survey and help us better understand the XR landscape.

To better understand the landscape of Extended Reality (XR) technologies within the UNA Europa network, its Educational Design and Technology cluster is conducting a comprehensive survey. This initiative seeks to assess our engagement with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), aiming to pinpoint where we stand in the broader context of XR technology adoption in education and research.

The Importance of Your Input

Your insights into ongoing and future XR projects and experiences of our community are invaluable. Through this survey we, the cluster aim to:

Understand Our Current Standing: Your participation will help us gather essential data on ongoing and planned XR projects, providing a clear picture of our engagement with these technologies.

Build a Knowledge Base: Sharing the challenges and successes you've encountered in XR projects will contribute to a repository of best practices, aiding in the effective adoption of XR technologies.

and maybe in a later phase:

Identify Collaboration Opportunities: By uncovering the breadth of XR activities across the network, we can pinpoint opportunities for collaboration and shared learning.

How to Participate


We invite all staff of the member universities of the alliance to share their experiences with XR technologies by participating in the survey. Your contributions are crucial for us to understand our collective capabilities and directions in XR. To take part, please visit the link at the end of this text.

What Comes Next

After having evaluated the data received, the results will be shared with the alliance. We expect to have completed the whole survey before the summer break and the first findings should be ready in early autumn.

About the Survey

To ensure ease of participation and data security, we've chosen REDCap as our survey platform. The survey will be open for three weeks, giving everyone involved in XR related projects enough time to contribute their insights. You may save & return later to it.

We uphold the highest standards of data privacy and adhere to strict ethical research practices. All survey responses are securely stored in REDCap and are accessible exclusively to our research team. Your participation in this survey is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time without consequences. There is no need to register or enter an email address to fill in the form. To ensure confidentiality, we do not collect personal or identifiable information. Please refrain from entering any personal details in your responses. However, to connect interested people with an XR project the project lead could send me an email (see below) with the name of the project entered in the form.

Thank you for contributing! Please find the survey here.

Contact information

Saša Tkalčan

Expert, Visual Design and Production 

Chair of the Educational Design and Technology cluster of Una Europa



DOJO, Services for Digital Education and Continuous Learning

Phone +358 50 4154461