Viikki Science Day 2023

Downloadable programme

14:00     Opening of Science Day

              Tomi Taira, Vice-dean of Research, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 

14:10     Emerging Infectious Diseases and One Health                     

              Kirsi Aaltonen, EID group

14:17     Impacts of maternal microbiota on fetal development

              Mikael Niku, Developmental Interactions

14:24     Exploring animal experiences: animal welfare science

              Anna Valros & Laura Hänninen, Research centre for animal welfare  

14:31     Organic matter flows in the changing Arctic          

              David Thomas, Arctic Ecosystems Research   

14:38     Sustainable and affordable protein production

              Michael Jeltsch, Protein Development Lab

14:45     Centre for Coastal Ecosystems and Climate Change Research (CoastClim)

              Camilla Gustafsson, CoastClim

14:51     Instructions for poster session

              Liisa Uotila


              List of  poster presentations

15:45     Return voting tickets!

16:00     Announcement of poster competition winner