TREMOR incubator calls for teams with entrepreneurial solutions in society, education, communities & law

The six-month incubator offers ambitious teams the chance to develop their socially impactful solution into a fully-fledged venture with in-depth workshops and support from a robust network of mentors.

Applications for the University of Helsinki’s TREMOR incubator for turning social innovations and well-defined entrepreneurial solutions for issues in society, education, communities, and law into fully-fledged ventures are now open. Organised by Helsinki Incubators, the city centre-based programme will start on November 28th and run for six months, taking on 8-12 teams.

TREMOR is Helsinki Incubators’ 2nd mentor-led in-depth incubator programme, and selected teams will have multiple Finnish and international professionals giving them personalised guidance throughout the duration of the incubation period. In addition to mentoring, participants will take part in weekly in-person sessions with co-working opportunities for peer support and expert-led workshops. These workshops will be tailored to the participants and go in-depth in a variety of entrepreneurial issues and skills particularly relevant to their needs. As with all other Helsinki Incubators programmes, TREMOR will be held in English.

More information about the TREMOR incubator programme can be found here.

Info session on November 9th

For those interested in finding out more about TREMOR and the social impact potential of entrepreneurship, the Helsinki Incubators team will be organising an info session on November 9th. The session will be held at the University of Helsinki’s Minerva Plaza at 4-6 P.M.

The session will include a presentation on social entrepreneurship with Markus Vähälä of the Citizen Network, a global network of over 200 value-based organisations working to engage people and communities through local actions, and others, followed by an introduction to the TREMOR programme, a Q&A session concerning the programme, and ample time for networking. To attend, please register here by November 7th.

“We’re excited to get to tell the public about the programme and alternate forms of entrepreneurship and hope to see as many applications to the programme as possible,” explained TREMOR Project Manager Minttu Ripatti.

Applications are open until November 23rd, and teams consisting of at least 2 members with well-defined impactful solutions for societal, educational, communal, or legal issues are invited to apply. Team members can be either from our university (students, researchers, or staff) or residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area. If you’re interested in joining TREMOR, please apply here!

More information

Minttu Ripatti, TREMOR Project Manager

+358 29 41 21206