Impactful bio- & circular economy solutions invited to apply for 6-month Biosphere incubator

As a global crisis looms, the programme seeks to act as a springboard for ambitious change-makers to turn their innovative ideas into start-ups whose aim is a cleaner, more sustainable world.

The Helsinki Incubators team is calling for teams and individuals with innovative solutions in the bio & circular economy fields to apply and take part in the Biosphere incubator programme. Examples of idea subjects include the reuse of materials, extending product & material lifecycles, sharing & platform economy services, sustainable forestry, agriculture & aquaculture, biomaterials & products based on them.

With a kick-off scheduled for January 12th, the free-of-charge Viikki-based programme’s applications are open until January 9th. As one of Helsinki Incubators’ mentor-driven programmes, Biosphere will carefully match participants with multiple world-class mentors who will provide experience-based guidance & access to relevant networks of partners & clients throughout the duration of the incubator.

In addition, as with every other Helsinki Incubators programme, Biosphere will provide participants with weekly in-person sessions providing in-depth information concerning key entrepreneurial competences by visiting experts. The sessions will be tailored to the needs of the participants, and experts will be thematically relevant to the programme.

More information about the Biosphere incubator programme can be found here.

A globally relevant programme

As global crises intensify, the need for innovative solutions that address current environmentally unsustainable practices and help the global ecosystem transition towards a greener, more renewable future rises. As one of the world’s leading research universities with connections to multiple environmental & sustainability research institutes, the University of Helsinki is well placed to provide enthusiastic potential entrepreneurs a place to create start-ups which are ultimately beneficial for the regeneration and protection of the biosphere.

“We’ve already taken our first steps in helping globally minded entrepreneurs create meaningful change with our circular economy pre-incubator Circulator 1.0. With Biosphere, we’ll be kicking our efforts into overdrive,” assured Project Manager Tuomas Pollari.

Biosphere will be providing innovators in the fields of bio & circular economy with support that’s never been seen before at the University of Helsinki either in scale or amplitude. Applications are open until December 11th, and teams and individuals with well-defined solutions are invited to apply. Association to the University of Helsinki is not required, just a great idea and the passion to create impact. If you’re interested in joining Biosphere, please apply here!

More information

Tuomas Pollari, Biosphere Project Manager

+358 29 41 21205