Helsinki Incubators opens call for Circulator 1.0, its circular economy pre-incubator

Running from October 14th to December 8th, the ideas-to-solutions programme aims to help sustainability-minded applicants kickstart their projects and learn valuable skills, as well as foster the growth of a community in Viikki working on supporting the transition to a more sustainable and renewable economic model.

Helsinki Incubators is happy to announce that the call for applications to its 2nd original pre-incubator, Circulator 1.0, is now open.  The circular economy-themed programme will offer selected participants the opportunity to kick-start the development of their idea into a viable sustainable solution while refining their professional skills.

With applications closing on October 11th, Circulator 1.0 will be held in English at various locations at the Viikki campus and elsewhere and will last just under 2 months. The programme will help participants develop their idea into a solution with multiple expert-led workshops, mentoring sessions, and open events 2-3 times a week.

“Our hope for Circulator 1.0 is that it’ll bring together a diverse group of motivated teams and individuals from all fields who are excited about the real possibilities for change circular economy provides and ready to tackle the challenges it seeks to solve,” explains Circulator 1.0 Project Lead Santeri Tuovila. “By participating, they’ll receive a wealth of information from our experts and networks, as well as tools, contacts, and much more to ensure that they can become a driving force in this global transition.”

At the end of the programme, the Helsinki Incubators team believes participants will be ready to carry on with their entrepreneurial journey as key members of the Viikki innovation community as well as the broader Finnish circular economy community, hopefully by applying to the Biosphere incubator.

More information about Circulator 1.0 can be found here.

A programme produced in partnership with leading circular economy professionals

As covered in an Incubator Blogs post on the subject earlier this year, circular economy requires a large dedicated community around it to succeed. As such, the Helsinki Incubators team has teamed up with experts in the field to ensure that Circulator 1.0 offers participants – as well as the broader Finnish circular economy community – the best chances at success and growth.

With this in mind, the team at Helsinki Incubators is working in close contact with many leading Finnish circular economy professionals, including Alisa Mick of the MiXi centre for circular economy which has been playing a key role in organising many other circular economy events and programmes across Finland, when developing Circulator 1.0. Many other partners will be announced closer to the programme’s launch.

“It’s a delight to be able to work on this project with such great partners,” says Tuovila. “Their insights, assistance, and contacts are helping us create a truly world-class programme with real impact and provide our participants with fabulous opportunities like being able to contribute to the upcoming Circular Economy Museum.”

The Circulator 1.0 team is currently looking for potential participants. Applicants can be from the University of Helsinki or the broader Helsinki Metropolitan Area and can apply as either individuals or as a team. As the programme is aimed at early-stage applicants, the only requirement is for applicants to have an idea for a solution or a problem that they want to work on. If you’re interested, please apply here!

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Santeri Tuovila, Project Lead for Circulator 1.0,

Phone: +358 29 41 21207