Call for SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator for socially impactful ideas now open

Organised in collaboration with YYO, the Centre of Expertise for Social Entreprises, the 9-week programme is designed to give participants a supportive environment to develop their nascent socially impactful idea into something concrete and gain the tools and know-how needed to create positive change in society.

The Helsinki Incubators team is pleased to announce the call for applications to the SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator for ideas of related to society, education, communities, or law. Based on the understanding that even the tiniest of systemic fractures can grow to create significant positive social change, the programme seeks to equip selected teams and individuals with a better understanding of how to create said change with their idea, while also helping them develop their professional competences.

The programme will consist of sessions held 2-3 times a week at the University’s city centre campus featuring expert-led workshops and lectures on a variety of entrepreneurial skills and subjects. During these sessions, participants will have the opportunity to take their idea and, with support and guidance from the Helsinki Incubators team and visiting speakers, build a social or traditional company, association, co-operative, or other type of operation around it aiming for societal well-being and sustainability.

And while taking part in the programme does not commit anyone to starting their activity once SÄRÖ/FRACTURE is over, it is an excellent way to get started. Those interested in continuing with their idea will be presented with several possibilities for doing so, including applying to the more in-depth mentor-led 6-month TREMOR incubator.

Applications for the programme close on September 25th, and the programme will run from September 30th to November 25th. Applications are processed on a rolling basis, meaning those interested in joining are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to maximise their chances of being selected. As with all other Helsinki Incubators programmes, the SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator will be held in English.

More information about the programme can be found here, and an in-depth schedule can be found here.

Part of a series of pilot programmes in the field

Organised in partnership with the recently created YYO Centre of Expertise for Social Enterprises, SÄRÖ/FRACTURE is also a platform for its experts and the Helsinki Incubators team to explore the best ways of supporting would-be changemakers and aspiring social entrepreneurs.

As such, SÄRÖ/FRACTURE is a part of the group of 4 pilot programmes being organised with YYO across Finland during 2022-2023. These programmes will offer YYO valuable information on how to develop its support and guidance services, help promote social entrepreneurship across the country, and provide participating institutions such as the University of Helsinki new tools in supporting their community of students, researchers, and staff in realising their socially impactful dreams and ambitions.

The status as pilot programme also offers programme participants great opportunities. SÄRÖ/FRACTURE will benefit from access to the YYO network of leading social entrepreneurship experts, providing the latest in terms of information relating to funding sources for social enterprises, legal structures available to those not seeking a traditional business, defining and measuring social impact, and more.

The Helsinki Incubators team, with SÄRÖ/FRACTURE Project Lead Mari Karjalainen at its head, are excited to bring this opportunity to the broader university community, and as such is looking for potential applicants to the programme. Applicants can be from the University of Helsinki or the broader Helsinki Metropolitan Area and can apply as either individuals or as a team. As the programme is aimed at early-stage applicants, the only requirement is for applicants to have an idea for a solution they’d like to work on. If you’re interested, please apply here!

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Mari Karjalainen, Project Lead for SÄRÖ/FRACTURE