Biosphere incubator programme to hold two open pre-launch sessions in December 2022 before programme start in January 2023

The pre-launch sessions are meant to help people get a feel for what the 6-month programme will be like while also giving anyone who's interested the opportunity to learn some of the core building blocks needed to create a start-up.

While the 6-month Biosphere incubator programme to support the development of impactful bio & circular economy start-ups is scheduled to start in early January 2023, and applications remain open until January 9th, two pre-launch sessions will be held in December 2022.

These sessions, held on December 15th and 20th, will allow for those uncertain about participating an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the structure and feel of the programme while also learning some key insights related to setting up and running a start-up under the tutelage of visiting expert speakers. The subject of these sessions are Incorporating in Finland and Intellectual Property Right Strategy, respectively, and more information about each one can be found further in this article.

The pre-launch workshops are open to the public, free of charge, and participation in them does not obligate attendees to commit to the programme. In addition to providing attendees with information about their subjects, the sessions will also allow them to get more information about the Biosphere incubator programme from Project Manager Tuomas Pollari, connect with other like-minded individuals, and meet some of the programme's mentors who will be in attendance as expert speakers.

Incorporation in Finland — December 15th

The December 15th session will act as an introduction to the very basics of starting a business. With the help of experienced start-up ecosystem advisor, entrepreneur, former CEO of the Startup Foundation, and Biosphere Senior Mentor Jouni Lounasmaa, attendees will get to ask and get answers to some of the questions many prospective entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with: how do you create success as a startup entrepreneur in Finland? What are the fundamental things that you should get right from the beginning? Which support organisations in the Helsinki startup ecosystem can give you advice when you need it? What networks bring you, a new entrepreneur, the most value, and how do you connect with them?

The session will be held from 3-6 PM at the Helsinki Think Company's Viikki space located at Latokartanonkaari 3. To attend, please register at the link below.


Intellectual Property Rights Strategy — December 20th

The December 20th session will cover a subject that is of paramount importance to any entrepreneur, yet often remains poorly understood: Intellectual Property Rights and how to manage it. How do you protect your business idea when talking to potential clientele, investors or partners? How can you verify how unique your idea really is? How much does it cost to protect your invention, and is there any support I could get to protect your idea? With the help of two intellectual property experts, Sebastian Bisso Mifflin of the Helsinki Innovation Services and Tuomas Mennola, experienced Innovation Management Consultant and Biosphere Senior Mentor, attendees will get clarity in matters of IPR and the safeguarding thereof. 

The session will also be held from 3-6 PM at the Helsinki Think Company's Viikki space located at Latokartanonkaari 3. To attend, please register at the link below. Do note, each session requires separate registration.

More information

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