Capitalism and the AI Revolution: Ruptures and Continuities by prof. Daniel Mügge

Prof. Daniel Mügge (University of Amsterdam) arrives for the first time in Helsinki to deliver an open lecture about the complex interplay between global capitalism and the AI revolution

Prof. Daniel Mügge arrives for the first time in Helsinki to give an open lecture about how AI does (and does not) change contemporary capitalism. During the lecture, some grand narratives of an AI-powered future will be debunked, while at the same time taking seriously how AI alters both the organization and relations of production.

The consequences of AI development are varied and span across multiple sectors. The important thing is to understand where AI’s impact is central and where it is not. AI at the same time fragments and centralizes many dynamics of the contemporary global political economy. The lecture will examine the ruptures of AI from the national and institutional level down to its damaging effects on individual identity formation and bottom-up collective action.

Daniel Mügge is Professor of Political Arithmetic at the University of Amsterdam. He currently investigates the European governance of artificial intelligence (AI). He leads the RegulAite project on "AI diplomacy", the EU's external relations in the AI field, and how those are shaped by global political and economic dynamics. Before his work on AI, he led the FickleFormulas team researching the politics of macroeconomic statistics. Daniel has been a lead editor of the Review of International Political Economy and a visiting scholar at Freie Universität Berlin, the London School of Economics, and Harvard University.