Global Political Economy

The Helsinki Centre for Global Political Economy (Helsinki-GPE) was founded in April 2020. The purpose of the Centre is to revitalise political economy – the oldest social science – and to foster trans-disciplinary research and teaching. The Helsinki approach to global political economy combines economic theories and the study of world politics in a novel way. The Centre's premise is that critical pluralism of economic theories and approaches to global political economy is vital for rational and emancipatory enquiry in these fields. Also, philosophically and methodologically, acceptance of diversity is the best starting point for cognitive and pragmatic progress. Helsinki-GPE focuses on large-scale processes – including those often studied under the rubrics of macroeconomy, macrohistory and global studies – while at the same also considering everyday life and single actors such as multinational corporations as expressions and carriers of such processes. The Centre brings together, coordinates and further develops trans-disciplinary research on political economy within and beyond the University of Helsinki.

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