Decision on salary positions starting in 2021 for DPDR UH

Congratulations to the new PhD students of DPDR UH to start in 2021 for their salaried positions. We wish you all a great success under DPDR support.

DPDR UH received altogether 29 eligible applications. The applications were evaluated by external evaluators in three panels: 1. Drug Discovery; 2. Drug Delivery; 3. Drug Action & Therapy.

Based on these evaluations, the top 12 applicants were invited to an assessment of critical thinking on October 26th. 

The DPDR UH board made the final decisions based on both written applications and performance in the written assignment (critical thinking).

Po­s­i­tions start­ing in 2021:

Safak Er (2 yrs)
Suvi Heinonen (4 yrs)
Vera Kouhi (3 yrs)
Tapani Koppinen (4 yrs)

Congratulations to all!

For more details see at DPDR UH site in here