FinPharma begins a new era of pharmaceutical drug research in Finland. Our goal is to be among the top European pharmaceutical research institutions by developing medicinal therapies for growing health challenges, such as aging related neurological and cardiovascular illnesses.

We are a cooperative network of three finnish pharmaceutical research universities - The University of Helsinki, The University of Eastern Finland and Åbo Akademi University.

Pharmaceutical drug research is a strong field within University of Helsinki’s Life Sciences strategic area and highly ranked internationally. The high scientific level is a prerequisite for new discoveries, urgently needed for translating the findings of basic research into therapeutic applications. FinPharma will renew the pharmaceutical drug research through the association of numerous scientific disciplines and nurturing of national and international collaboration.

The University of Helsinki has received €14.7 million of funding from the Academy of Finland for the period 2019–2023 intended to support the research profiles of universities. The €4.3 million received in this round is intended to fund six new tenure track positions. The research topics involve crucial phases of the drug development pipeline, from drug discovery and drug delivery, to drug action and therapy, allowing us to find efficient novel regenerative and disease modifying drugs. All tenure track positions are in novel interconnected research areas across the boundaries of traditional pharmaceutical disciplines.

Working for FinPharma

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