Networks in the field of education and educational ecosystems

Advisory Board for UNESCO Chairs in Finland

The tasks of the Advisory Board for UNESCO Chairs in Finland is to support UNESCO Chairs in their work, add cooperation; network across borders and share information


Kaarle Hämeri, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki


Kati Anttalainen, Planning Officer, Ministry of Education and Culture, International Relations

Kristiina Erkkilä, Vice President, Development at the City of Espoo

Inka Hetemäki, Director of Program and Advocacy work, UNICEF Finland

Inka Hopsu, Contact Manager, Network of Teachers Without Borders, Finn Church Aid

Arto Kallioniemi, UNESCO Chair, Values, Dialogue and Human Rights, University of Helsinki

Tapio Katko & Petri. S. Juuti, UNESCO Chair, Sustainable Water Services, Tampere University of Technology

Jorma Kauppinen, Director, Finnish National Agency of Education

Kristiina Kouros, Expert, Human Rights Center, Parliament

Heikki Lyytinen, UNESCO Chair, Literacy, University of Jyväskylä

Johanna Mäkelä, Professor, Dean, Head of CICERO Learning Network, Helsinki University

Pekka Neittaanmäki, UNESCO Chair on Digital Platforms for Transforming Economies, University of Jyväskylä

Hannele Niemi, UNESCO Chair, Educational Ecosystems for Equity and Quality of Learning, University of Helsinki

Tuija Turunen, Professor, UniTwin Coordinator, Uarctic Thematic Network of Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity, University of Lapland

Tapio Varis, UNESCO Chair, Global e-learning, University of Tampere

Satu Voima-Pehu, Development Policy Advisor, Education, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Markku Wilenius, UNESCO Chair, Future Research, University of Turku

The Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii)

Based on the Memorandum of Cooperation between The Ministry of Education of The People’s Republic of China and The Ministry of Education and Culture of The Republic of Finland on Strengthening Comprehensive Cooperation on Education signed 12, June, 2015, Beijing Normal University and the University of Helsinki as the national coordination universities entered into an agreement to establish the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute and implement the concept of “Sino-Finnish Learning Garden”.

The important mission of JoLII is to get Chinese and Finnish stakeholders to work together for high quality learning and education to all people.

Professor Hannele Niemi leads the consortia of 10 Finnish Universities.

Finnish JoLii Committee Members:

Hannele Niemi, Professor of Education, Chair of the Board of Directors, University of Helsinki

Ari Korhonen, Dr., Aalto University

Eija Kärnä, Professor of Special Education, University of Eastern Finland

Jari Multisilta, Director of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Yuzhuo Cai, University Lecturer, University of Tampere

Johanna Kallo, Docent, University of Turku

Heli Ruokamo, professor, University of Lapland

Elina Lehtomäki, professor, University of Oulu

Olli Pekka Malinen, Lead Expert, Educluster, University of Jyväskylä

Michael Uljens, Professor, Åbo Akademi

Jenny Niu, Pot Doc Researcher, University of Helsinki, Secretary of the Board

JoLii has the following centers

  • Learning Research Innovation Center
  • Learning Garden Experience Center for cooperation of researchers and companies
  • Teacher Training Center
  • ICT center
  • Dual Degree Center
  • Education Research Center

The annual meetings:

2019 University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, link to meeting

2018 Xi’an, China

2017 University of Helsinki

2016 Zhuhai

Read more: JoLII website

CICERO Network

CICERO Learning is a network for distinguished researchers and research groups on learning. The researchers of the network are based in different universities and research institutes in Finland. The network builds co-operation with research groups and units around the world.

Hannele Niemi is a Co-founder and Board member of CICERO Learning

Read more: Cicero website

TEPE (Teacher Educatoin Policy in Europe)

The Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) network is an academic network that that brings together teacher educators, educational researchers, policy makers, teachers and practitioners from Europe and beyond to discuss and identify key elements that contribute to strengthening teacher education and the quality and professionalism of teachers in schools. The TEPE Network is dedicated to advancing research in and on Teacher Education that can influence policy making. The network builds on previous European collaborative projects in the field of teacher education policy – principally the Thematic Network on Teacher Education in Europe (TNTEE) funded by the European Commission (1996-99) and the (EUDORA) European Doctorate in Teaching and Teacher Education project funded by the European Commission (2000-05).

Members of the TEPE Board:

Dr. Francesca Caena, University of Venice, Italy

Dr. Eve Eisenschmidt, Haapsalu College, Tallinn University, Estonia

Professor Judith Harford, University College Dublin, Eire

Professor Brian Hudson, University of Sussex, England (Past Chair, 2010-14)

Professor Erika Löfström, University of Helsinki, Finland

Professor Teresa O’Doherty, Marino Institute of Education, Ireland

Professor Joanna Madalińska-Michalak, University of Warsaw, Poland (Chair, 2016-19)

Professor Teresa Moran, University of Dundee, Scotland

Professor Hannele Niemi, University of Helsinki, Finland (Past Chair, 2014-16 )

Professor Jens Rasmussen, Danish Pedagogical University, Denmark

Dr. Marco Snoek, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands (Co-Ordinator, 2018-20)

Professor Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr Björn Åstrand, Umeå University, Sweden (Past Chair, 2007-10)

Read more: TEPE Network

University of the People

UoP is tuition-free, which means there is no charge for teaching or instruction. UoPeople charges only an application fee and an Assessment Fee per course completed. For those who cannot afford these fees, scholarships are available to help support their studies.

UoP stared 2009 and 2019 it has 22 000 students from over 200 countries.

On April 24th, 11 AM ET, UoPeople hosted its first ever graduation ceremony, setting the standard for a graduation of the 21st Century. Watch it here, live, from New York City!

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