About Matter and materials

The matter and materials action promotes interdisciplinary work by filling professorships that bridge over traditional disciplines in new exciting ways.

The new connections include positions joining nanotechnology with pharmacy for new ways of drug development, understanding materials science in extreme conditions of particle accelerators and fusion reactors, as well as combining particle physics with cosmology to understand how the universe formed after the big bang.

The action will bring forth new means to treat disease, new materials that can enable better energy production, as well as fundamental insights on the nature of our universe.

Matter and Materials is a joint action of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Pharmacy. This profile building area is a part of PROFI4, and received funding for 2018–2022.

High-level research in the fac­ulties of Science and Pharmacy

Within the University of Helsinki, matter and materials research area is very strong in several interrelated focus areas within the Faculties of Science and Pharmacy. The scientific strength areas include studies of the large-scale structure of the universe in close connection to particle physics, structure of the solar system, materials used in fusion reactors and particle physics, chemical and physical materials synthesis, mathematical studies of metamaterials, nanomaterials in pharmacology, radiation-matter interactions and study of elementary particles. The activities have a very strong connection to most of the major EU Big Science efforts (e.g. CERN, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ITER) and is strongly international.

The research groups belonging to matter and materials research area have since 2010 had 5 Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence, 5 Academy Professors, 3 FiDiPro professors, 5 ERC grants, about 30 patents, and led to several product innovations commercialized via private enterprises, and one new startup company.