A Year in Finnish Nature

The seasons will change as we travel through Finland, from the groves in the south to the northern fells. In what ways do animals and plants survive in changing conditions?

Target groups: 
Primary schools, students of Finnish language and culture, adults

Group size: 
25 persons 

55 minutes 

On this tour, we will explore the special characteristics of Finnish nature and encounter animal species in their own habitats. We will travel with a guide through the seasons from southern Finland to the northern fells. The tour offers an interesting nature trip for both schoolchildren and tourists, and is an interesting attraction for all museum visitors. 

Further information for teachers

The Finnish Nature exhibition introduces habitats from southern Finland to northern Lapland. The guided tour explores the species displayed in the exhibition and their ways of living, provides information on the ringing of birds and bats, and investigates many natural phenomena with the help of touchable specimens. Pupils have the opportunity to examine animal furs, skulls and other illustrative objects.

The guided tour is targeted at primary school pupils, with content attuned to the school subject of environmental studies. The tour can be modified to fit pupils in lower secondary school. In this case, the focus is on natural habitats found in Finland.

The tour is well suited to pupils in preparatory education as well as those studying Finnish language and culture. The guided tour familiarises visitors with Finnish nature and its special characteristics. Emphasis can be put on the significance of the recreational use of nature and hiking in Finnish culture.