The world of dinosaurs

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs!

Target groups:  
Daycare centres (3–6 years) and preschools 

Group size: 
25 persons

55 minutes 

On the tour, we will explore dinosaur skeletons and, together with the children, contemplate the life of dinosaurs: what kind of dinosaurs have there been, how did they move, and what did they eat? We will classify dinosaurs according to their eating habits, establish a restaurant for them, draw, and practise dinosaur walking.

Further information for teachers

The guided tour explains the difference between bones and fossils, as well as how to distinguish between carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs. We will establish a restaurant for dinosaurs, choosing chow suitable for each individual species.

We will divide the children into dinosaur teams for a game of dice. In the game, they will learn about things affecting the lives of dinosaurs.

We will also practise the way in which dinosaurs walked, do some facial and tongue exercises, and learn the names of the dinosaurs in the exhibition. At the end of the tour, we will draw the most interesting sights seen in the exhibition to take with us as souvenirs.

If there are a lot of very small children in the group, we can replace the dice game with a puppet theatre. The tour takes place in the History of Life exhibition.