Kumpula Geological Collections

The national geological collection of the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus includes meteorites, minerals, rocks and fossils. The highlights of the geological collections are displayed in Kumpula Manor at Kumpula Botanic Garden. The collections record evidence of the evolution of the diversity of Earth’s mineral and biological environment over a period of 4.5 billion years.

The evolution of life and the formation of the continents, mountains, oceans, and natural resources have left their mark on the bedrock and sediment deposits of our planet. The geological collections introduce various mineral species and rock types found in Earth’s crust and diverse fossils from ancient sediment layers. 

The geological collection is divided into rock and mineral collections and palaeontological collections. These include approximately 50,000 mineral and rock samples, roughly 700 meteorites and some 44,000 fossil, bone and soil samples.

Opening hours and prices

The geological collections are open to the public in the summer. 

The entrance fee for the geological collections at Kumpula Manor is included in the entrance fee for the botanic garden. The Museum Card is also accepted.

The Luomus geological collections

The exhibitions are located on two floors, connected by a staircase.  You can explore the palaeontological samples on the first floor of the manor. On the second floor, on display are meteorites, minerals and different types of rocks.

The historical building is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. 

A historical manor building

Dating back to 1841, the manor building has served a variety of purposes over the years. Today, the manor functions as a space for the geological research and exhibition activities of the Finnish Museum of Natural History.