Researcher for an hour

Explore and be inspired!

Target groups:
preschools and Primary school, classes1-2

Group size:
25 persons

55 minutes

On the tour, we will explore the work of natural scientists and encourage children to observe the environment. Through functional guidance, we classify invertebrates into their own groups, look for birds that have shed  their feathers and come up with stories about the animals in the museum. During the tour, we will complete research and observation tasks suited to the participating children’s age level, encouraging them to observe the environment independently. The participants are divided into four small groups.

Further information for teachers

During the guided tour, we will explore invertebrate animals cast into plastic cubes and, by calculating the number of their feet, determine whether the animals belong to insects or other invertebrates. Correspondingly, insects are classified as, for example, Coleoptera (beetles), Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) or Caelifera (grasshoppers ). We will determine which feather belongs to which bird, while practising detailed observation and how to draw conclusions from it. We will also come up with stories about the lives of the museum animals.

Adult participants will take part in supervising the small groups. The tour takes place in three different exhibitions.