Report your nature observations

Do you observe nature? Do you hike, paddle or, for example, bike in the wild? Report observations you have made in the process to the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility. Embarking on an outdoor hobby does not necessarily require special equipment.
Have you found a ringed bird or a dead animal?

If you find a dead bird, check whether it has a ring. If it does, report the ring details to the Finnish Ringing Centre. Dead wild animals found in Finland in good condition can be delivered to the Zoology Unit of Luomus. Animal specimens are preserved in the collections for research use. For instructions, see the relevant sub-pages.

Have you found a meteorite?

If you think you have discovered a meteorite, contact a Luomus specialist, as the correct identification and valuation of meteorites require special expertise and research equipment. 

Report your species observations

Contribute to the study of biodiversity! By recording your observations on species, you help researchers at the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility. You can record individual observations, keep an observation journal or take part in citizen science projects.

iNaturalist Suomi

iNaturalist Suomi is part of the international iNaturalist network. The observations made using the service are also stored in the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility, making them available to researchers, authorities and hobbyists. All you have to do is observe!

Other users of the iNaturalist service and artificial intelligence help identify the nature observations you have made. This video helps you learn to use iNaturalist and engage in citizen science.

Participate in monitoring schemes

Are you interested in butterflies, plants, reptiles or the autumn migration of birds? Do you keep a nature journal, or even help to control invasive alien species? Several nationwide monitoring studies underway in Finland rely on contributions from nature lovers.

Browse observations

Observations can be studied in the portal of the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility, where they are accumulated from individual hobbyists, citizen science projects, authorities and the results of research. The observations also include data from scientific collections. The Global Biodiversity Information Facility collects observations from around the world, including from Finland.

Biodiversity information

Do you know the number of catalogued species in Finland? Explore the national checklist of Finnish species, learn species identification with the help of the Pinkka environment, or jump into the world of insects with the Insects of Finland guide. You can also learn to identify invasive alien species.