The Hidden Black Woodpecker

Mia Surakka's photographs emphasise the typical behaviour and personality of the species of bird depicted. The exhibition is open 12.3.-30.5.2024.

Photographer Mia Surakka's nature photography exhibition The Hidden Black Woodpecker is on display at the Natural History Museum's PopUp balcony 12.3.-30.5.2024.

"I have chosen the images to highlight the typical species behaviour and personality of each bird species in the photographs. By using natural light in different ways, I can bring out the contours, colours or the softness of the feathers. As you delve deeper into the images, you can see that they really do capture the nature of the bird species in a funny way, perhaps a little caricatured in some cases. The subjects of the pictures come out particularly well when the environment is not too distracting. However, there is a lot to look at in the pictures with the expressions and small details of the birds."

Mia Surakka is a professional photographer and nature photographer specialising in bird photography.

Natural History Museum
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13, Helsinki
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