On the tour, we will travel around the world, from Europe to the Rockies in North America and all the way to the exotic Far East, admiring the traditional plants in the manor park and familiarising ourselves with the origins of a variety of useful plants.

Target groups: 
For all ages

Group size: 
30 persons

55 minutes

In Kumpula, you can take a tour around the globe; in the geobotanical garden, you can stroll from Europe to the Rocky Mountains in North America, and all the way to the exotic Far East. At the same time, you will see habitats and plant species typical of different continents and regions. 

In the garden of cultivated plants, you will find a range of useful plants from food plants to medicinal plants. In the stately setting, you can admire plants in the surroundings of a historical manor environment. The guided tour provides a good overview of the various sections of the six-hectare garden. The distance travelled during the tour is approximately one kilometre. Please remember to dress for the weather.