The tour takes you through a changing world, from the landscape of the mammoths to the present day.

Target groups: 
Lower secondary schools and upper secondary education institutions, adults 

Group size: 
25 persons 

55 minutes

Climate change and biodiversity loss are the biggest challenges of our time. How does the ongoing climate change differ from previous heat cycles, and in what ways can we slow down this change? Under the direction of the guide, we will delve into topical questions and the study of environmental change. At the same time, we will get to know the animals that dominated the northern landscape covered by the continental glacier. The guided tour takes place in the Change in the Air exhibition.

Further information for teachers

The Change in the Air exhibition is based on research, exploring in the light of research findings the warm period that began from the deglaciation of the Weichsel Glacier. The tour focuses specifically on the environmental effects of climate change and related research, also examining the impact of humans on environmental problems. In spite of the severity of the challenge, we take a solution-oriented view to the future.

The tour is targeted at upper secondary students and lower secondary school pupils. The tour can also be adapted to pupils in the last years of primary school.