About the Kaisaniemi Garden

The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden greenhouses are a tropical oasis in the heart of the city. The outdoor garden reveals the relationships between plants and the secrets of their diversity. The plants belong to Luomus’s botanical collections.

The 10 greenhouses offer a glimpse into the plant life of torrid deserts, humid rainforests and tropical wetlands. Thriving in the greenhouses are Santa Cruz water lilies, banana trees, flowering cacti and carnivorous plants.

In addition to memorable experiences, the greenhouses offer information on the secrets of plants. The evolutionary path in the Palm House leads you through the evolutionary history of the plant kingdom and introduces you to living fossils. Come and see the world’s biggest seed, or find out what it means when someone says, ‘It’s a jungle out there!’ 


Historical outdoor garden

The multifaceted and ever-changing outdoor garden offers year-round opportunities for rest and recreation. Spread around the ponds in the middle of the garden is the Tree of Life, engaging visitors with the evolutionary history and taxonomy of plants. Visitors can enjoy a sensory garden to evoke the senses of smell and touch too. The moss and lichen garden proves that good things come in small packages. The arboretum, or collection of tree species, with its old pines and precious hardwoods surrounds the outdoor garden area.

The sunny western slope of the Botanical Museum’s stone building features a rock garden of plants growing in torrid conditions. Established in 1884, this rockery was the first of its kind in Finland.

Botanical Museum

In the centre of the garden is a historic stone building, at one point proposed as the residence of the prospective king of Finland, which is now serving as the Botanical Museum. The museum houses dried plant and fungi collections as well as researcher workspaces. It is closed to the public.