Second FLEX-EPOS Seminar

On Monday 6th November you are warmly welcome to join a half-day seminar at the Kumpula Campus, University of Helsinki and online to hear about FLEX-EPOS project. The project in the field of seismology, geodesy and geomagnetism includes six partners and is funded by the Research Council of Finland.

On Monday 6 November from 14.15 onwards FLEX-EPOS community is gathering together to share recent FLEX-EPOS related activities, exchange with colleagues, and seek for opportunities for scientific collaboration within the project.  

The seminar is open for all. Everyone associated with or otherwise interested in the FLEX-EPOS project outcomes and activities are warmly welcome join us for this occasion!  


If you are not yet familiar with EPOS, FLEX-EPOS and FIN-EPOS acronyms:

FLEX-EPOS, Flexible instrument network for enhanced geophysical observations and multi-disciplinary research, is a Research Council of Finland supported project under the FIN-EPOS umbrella.  FIN-EPOS is the national research infrastructure and Finnish national node for the pan-European research infrastructure for Solid Earth Science, the European Plate Observing System (EPOS).

The objective of the FLEX-EPOS project is to create a national pool of geophysical instruments and multi-disciplinary geophysical superstations to be further utilized in separately funded research projects aiming at solving fundamental scientific questions in seismology, geomagnetism, and geodesy. The new infrastructures build within the FLEX-EPOS project provides novel opportunities for new research. Especially the Finnish Seismic Instrument Pool, SIP, (1200 portable stations in 2024) renders extensive seismic surveys for a wide range of applications.