Institute of Seismology's blog is published

The year 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of seismological measurements in Finland. In honor of the anniversary, the researchers of the Institute of Seismology publish a biweekly blog on a current or otherwise interesting topic related to seismology and research conducted in the institute.

The Institute of Seismology has published a blog in honor of the 100th anniversary of seismological measurements celebrated this year in Finland. The series of blog posts is started by the director Suvi Heinonen. The first blog post titled "100 years of seismological measurements in Finland" briefly tells about the history of seismological measurements and the current situation of the seismic observatory in Finland.

In the following blogs, the institute's researchers will take a closer look at interesting seismological themes and talk about, for example, earthquakes related to postglacial faults, the history and operating principle of seismographs, environmental seismology, the international nuclear test ban treaty, seismicity in Finland and historically significant earthquakes. 

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