The institute consists of the Criminological unit, focusing on research of criminality, the Legal Policy Research unit specializing in the research of judicial conditions, legislation and the interaction between law and the society, and the Criminal Policy unit, which provides research on punishment and the sanctions system.

Dir­ector of the in­sti­tute Kimmo Nuotio, Professor

Janne Kivivuori, Professor
Antti Latvala, Associate Professor

Aurora Järvinen, Doctoral Researcher
Markus Kaakinen, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ilari Kolttola, Planning Officer
Sophie Litvak, Doctoral Researcher
Ilona Nissinen, Doctoral Researcher
Matti Näsi, University Lecturer
Anna Raeste, Planning Officer
Karoliina Suonpää, Postdoctoral Researcher
Maiju Tanskanen, Doctoral Researcher
Teemu Vauhkonen, Doctoral Researcher
Emma Villman, Doctoral Researcher

Aaro Beuker, Research Assistant
Minja Purhonen, Research Assistant

Kati Rantala, Research Director
Riikka Koulu, Assistant Professor

Noora Alasuutari, Doctoral Researcher (on a leave of absence)
Kaijus Ervasti, University Researcher (on a leave of absence)
Terhi Esko, Postdoctoral Researcher
Maija Helminen, University Lecturer (on a leave of absence)​​​​​​​
Aino Jauhiainen, Doctoral Researcher
Inka Järvikangas, Project Planner
Anna Kylmäluoma, Postdoctoral Researcher
Karoliina Majamaa, University Researcher
Jatta Muhonen, Doctoral Researcher
Yaira Obstbaum, Postdoctoral Researcher
Laura Sarasoja, Doctoral Researcher
Sofia Selkämaa, Project Planner
Virve Toivonen, University Lecturer

Rakel Jylhä-Vuorio, Research Assistant
Otava Ojanperä, Research Assistant
Kaisla Saartenoja, Research Assistant

Piia Aitta, Postdoctoral Researcher
Chris Carling, Planning Officer
Monica Fagerlund, Doctoral Researcher
Kristiina Koivukari, Postdoctoral Researcher
Jukka Könönen, University Researcher
Riku Laine, Doctoral Researcher
Nino Lindström, Information Systems Specialist
Tiina Malin, Doctoral Researcher
Frida Emilia Kuusisto Mäkelä, Project Planner
Saila Tuomala, Doctoral Researcher
Sasu Tyni, University Researcher

Anna Halén, Research Assistant
Sylvia Ikonen, Research Assistant
Jenna Kenttälä, Research Assistant
Anton Lagrilliere, Research Assistant
Riikka Lihjamo, Research Assistant