The services comprise indoor growing facility inside the 2400 m2 greenhouse and outdoor facility in the enclosed 3 ha field.

The glasshouses comprise 51 separate, individually climate and irrigation-controlled rooms, with areas from 27 to 109 m2. The glasshouses total about 2400 m2. We use Priva Hortimation B.V. (Nederland) software for climate and irrigation control. Automation is regulated on a centralised basis and settings are discussed with each project team. Comprehensive control comprises temperature, light, misting, shadow and black-out curtains and CO2 control as well as fertigation and a weather station. The roof and wall materials of the greenhouses are glass and highly light permeable acryl; and the floors are made of concrete. Apart from heating pipes, equipment is not fixed providing flexibility for the arrangement of new and innovative technics and plants up to 3,5 m high.

The service buildings attached to the glasshouses contain space for handling plants and do measurements, handle products for plant protection, refrigerator rooms and other storage areas, totally about 850 m2.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and the Faculty Biological and Environmental sciences have located 4 growth rooms, 17 growth cabinets and laboratory space into the service building of the glasshouse. These facilities take up a space of 230 m2.

Experimental Field

Directly to the south of the glasshouses is a 3-hectare fenced experimental field with electrical and water supplies. This area is used for field experiments on particularly valuable or delicate material. We manage the experiment field in cooperation with the Viikki Research Farm (VRF).