Access and Facilities

Information about access and facilities of the Viikki Arboretum.
Admission and hours

Everyone is welcome to visit the Viikki Arboretum at any time, admission is free.


Information boards

There are several information boards around the Arboretum area. The main information boards are in the vicinity of the Keinumäki birdwatching tower.

Bike racks

Bike racks are available nearby the birdwatching towers. Do not attach, lock or lean bikes on trees or structures.


Visitors may picnic anywhere on the grounds. There are a limited number of picnic tables located throughout the Arboretum. Leave the Arboretum unspoilt and pick up your trash and dispose of it in trash bins. Notice that there is no drinking water available at the Arboretum. Making an open fire is prohibited.


Toilet facilities are available from May to October. Toilets are located near the birdwatching towers. There are no accessible toilets in the Viikki Arboretum.

Birdwatching towers

There are two birdwatching towers (Keinumäki, Hakala) and one platform in the Viikki Arboretum. They are fit for keen bird enthusiasts, teaching purposes and for anybody interested in nature or scenic views. The towers and platform allow you to observe birds at the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay. Birdwatching towers can be used throughout the year.


The Viikki Arboretum is an outdoor area, the condition of roads and path depends on the weather. All main roads are accessible, but there are some steep slopes. There is a wheelchair accessible path on the western side of the Arboretum. Note that the birdwatching towers are not accessible with a wheelchair and there are no accessible toilets in the Viikki Arboretum.