Guidelines: Proteomics Unit, Viikki

General terms and considerations:

- Material is free from biological, chemical and radiological hazard. Otherwise state the nature of the hazard.

- By delivering the order form to the Unit you agree that:

  1. Leftover sample is discarded after the analysis and all data is deleted after 1 year.
  2. Acknowledge the Unit´s services in any resulting publication.

We have internal prices for analytical services that are valid for University of Helsinki, all other research institutions and companies are charged external prices. Prices are based on analysis type, instrument type, instrument time, complexity of the sample and data analysis requirements. Please contact us for more detailed pricing OR pricelist available on request.

For collaborations or services according to Your specifications please contact Dr. Markku Varjosalo.

For general enquiries please contact proteomics-unit(at) .

Fill out Ordering form

Please fill ordering form before you bring your samples. Provide as much infromation as you can.

Each sample tube should contain sample name and date.

Click here to download Order Form as pdf.

Coming to Proteomics Unit

We are located in Biocenter 3, Viikki 

Street address : Viikinkaari 1

3 rd floor and in rooms 3317 or 3318

Sending your samples

If you send your samples on ice or dry ice make sure that it´s not over the weekend.

Our shipping address is

University of Helsinki

Institute of Biotechnology

Varjosalo lab/Markku Varjosalo

Biocenter3, Floor 3, Room 3317

Viikinkaari 1

00790 Helsinki


How to avoid contaminations and why


Keratins are omni-present and notorious contaminating proteins originating from skin, hair, dust, clothes, chemicals, etc. Total elimination is virtually impossible (and not necessary), but over-abundance will result in the repeated identification of keratins, and not your protein of interest.

Therefore, a clean lab environment will certainly benefit the outcome of the MS experiment.

  • Wash all surfaces, tools and containers with MQ and 70% ethanol
  • Work always with dowder-free nitrile gloves
  • Make fress buffres and use disposable plastic tubes/falcons for buffers or use HPLC grade water or MQ washed bottles 
  • Using lab coats prior to peptide digestion is recommended
  • We recommed to use commertial SDS-PAGE gels