Acquisition equipment

Equipment available at Interlab.

Interlab has two large cameras (Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro) and two small cameras (Canon EOS50 Mk. II) and a selection of microphones connected to a video mixer (Blackmagic ATEM SDI Pro) for monitoring and recording. Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch camera and Zoom H3-VR microphone provide 360° recording capacity, usable as a primary or backup system.

The equipment enables synchronous recording of up to 8 video streams and 16 audio channels with automatic recording and split screen composition in H.264 format (~2GB/hour). The location provides comfortable setting for small-scale acquisition such as training, streaming or making stimulus or teaching material. Alternatively, all equipment is portable and can be loaned for field use.

Additionally, a calibrated sound pressure meter (Rion NL-42, class 2) is available for determining the ambient noise level of the recording environment.