Lab services and fees

The lab staff is here to support your research, don't hesitate to ask about methodologies and protocols related to the lab's facilities, and our contacts for applications not supported by MES directly. The technician run the capillary sequencer for you, but also orders chemicals, plastic ware and kits for the groups centralized each month. Placing your order through the service you can benefit from great price agreements of the lab, save time, and save money on delivery costs.

Capillary sequencing service

You can place your sequencing and genotyping reactions for us to run on ABI 3730. The current fee for groups within the faculty is

  • 21 € for half plate (48 samples) and
  • 42 € for full plate (96 samples) (VAT 0%).
  • Researchers from other organization: please inquire for pricing in beforehand.

The prices include all chemicals and plasticware for the capillary run except size standard of genotyping runs, which can be purchased from the lab's stock.

Other fees

qPCR instrument: at present no qPCR fee is charged from groups within the Faculty of Biological and Environmental science, researchers from other organizations please inquire.