Zeiss 7 MP with OPO

(Room AP29b)

Upright multiphoton microscope optimized for intravital imaging of anesthetized small laboratory animals.

The system allows acute as well chronic in vivo imaging experiments on internal (e.g. brain, kidney, liver etc.) and external organs (e.g. skin and eye). The system can also be used for imaging of fixed thick tissue samples.


  • 4 reflected light non-descanned PMT detectors (with possibility for filters)
  • 1 optional reflected light non-descanned nosepiece GaAsP detector (without filters)
  • 1 transmitted light non-descanned PMT detector (available on request)


  • 20x water
  • 32x water

Excitation lasers:

Coherent Chameleon Vision II, tunable wavelength:

  • 690-1010nm

APE Chameleon Compact OPO (optical parametric oscillator), tunable wavelength:

  • 1050-1300nm

Emission filters:

Reflected PMT's:

  • 425-442 nm (Second Harmonic Generation = SHG)
  • BP 455-490 nm (autofluorescence)
  • BP 500-550 nm (GFP/YFP)
  • BP 601-658 nm (Texas Red)


  • Dark microscope enclosure
  • Univentor gas anesthesia system with mask, induction boxes and scavenger
  • PhysioSuite heart/breath rate and oxygenation monitoring system for mice and rats
  • Animal heating pad at the microscope stage to keep the animal warm under anesthesia
  • Custom made adjustable motorized microscope stage with a variety of intravital animal fixation adapters
  • LED-light source F1 with flexible lightguides for manipulations under the microscope
  • Prior motorized microscope stage with multipoint scanning option (available on request)
  • Dark environmental chamber (Incubator XL) for minimization of stray light (available on request)
  • Heating unit for temperature control of environmental chamber (available on request)