Perkin Elmer Quantum GX2 micro-CT Imaging System

(room AP29a)

MicroCT imaging applications of bone, oncology, cardiovascular and pulmonary function in live animals, allowing longitudinal studies.

Different bore sizes for ex vivo samples, mice, rats and small rabbits. Equipped with a gas anesthesia system. A radiation survey meter available.

Key Features

  • High resolution (2.3 micrometer voxel size)
  • High-speed (scans as fast as 3.9 seconds)
  • Low-dose imaging for longitudinal in vivo studies
  • Four Field Of Views (FOVs) – 18, 36, 72, and 86 mm
  • Multispecies imaging capabilities (Zebrafish/mouse/rat/guinea pig/rabbit)
  • Two-phase retrospective respiratory and cardiac gating