DPBM-148 In Vivo Animal Imaging: Methods and Applications, 2 cr

In Vivo Animal Imaging: Methods and Applications
Webinar minisymposium & course
May 2023

Learn about the methods that are available to you for imaging live animals for your research, and get inspired by the results of researchers who have used them around the world!

This course is aimed at opening up the field of in vivo animal imaging and its use in non/pre-clinical applications. The course is useful for students who might benefit from using in vivo animal imaging for their own research.

The course will cover a range of current methods for in vivo animal imaging, with an emphasis on those that are available for scientists within HiLife/UH, and focusing on recent and scientifically exciting applications.

The course is organized as a small series of webinars in Zoom that are open to all, together with live small-group instrument demos and a study assignment(s) for students.

Demo spots are limited; graduate students from DPBM & CHEMS are prioritized, but other students & researchers are welcome if space allows. Individual demos may be canceled if there is not enough interest.