How CDC-FI works

The CDC-FI consortium consists of the University of Helsinki (lead), the University of Turku, the University of Oulu, Aalto University, and CSC – IT Center for Science.
Organisation of tasks

CDC-FI's hardware is hosted by CSC at its Kajaani data centre. CSC operates the physical hardware and lowest software layers of the infrastructure. The system administration of the Euclid and LISA parts within the data center is the responsibility of Helsinki. Aalto and CSC experts will help them to optimize its operation. The hardware will be owned by the participating universities according to their share in the acquisition. The participating universities, led by Helsinki, are responsible for developing and operating the higher software layers specific to each mission. Oulu is responsible for incorporating data from ground-based galaxy surveys. Turku’s role is in the development of data quality tools and the study of transient astrophysical objects like supernovae.


The infrastructure is run by a Board representing the participating organisations:

  • David Weir, University of Helsinki, CDC-FI Director (deputy Mark Hindmarsh)
  • Elina Keihänen, University of Helsinki, CDC-FI Vice-director
  • Janne Ignatius, CSC (deputy Juha Törnroos)
  • Maarit Korpi-Lagg, Aalto University
  • Rubina Kotak, University of Turku
  • Aku Venhola, University of Oulu

The Board meets regularly to approve acquisitions and changes to the infrastructure. If you have any questions about the infrastructure in general, rather than a particular aspect of its science, you can contact the Board members.