Lab contact details.
Contact person

To contact us, please send an email to the CoBra coordinator Sanna Talola - if your question concerns booking a specific laboratory, the relevant contact information can be found on the Laboratory Services page, under the title "User access policy and contact information" of each respective laboratory

CoBra executive board


Vice chairs

Principal investigators


  • Sanna Talola, University of Helsinki

Technical personnel

  • Eero Ahtola (M.Sc. Tech. - BABA Center)
  • Tommi Makkonen (M.Sc. Tech. - Cognitive Brain Research Unit)
  • Dr. Juha Montonen (D.Sc. Tech. - BioMag Laboratory)
  • Dr. Kirsi Palmu (Ph.D., hospital physicist - BABA Center)

Furthermore, CoBra has research nurses and assistants with professional training in Children’s Hospital (BABA Center).