Physiological responses to Food (DRAFT)

Securing population health through ensuring adoption of nutritious diets by generating high-quality evidence on the physiological responses driven by foods, food components and diets.

Services are available by University of Eastern-Finland (UEF), Natural Research Institute (Luke), University of Helsinki (UH), University of Turku (UTU) and VTT.

In vitro modelling of bioavailability of nutrients and of gut related health impact of foods and food components

INFOGEST-upper GI model complementing:

  • Validated among the laboratories enabling multicenter approaches with larger numbers of samples
  • Animal and plant based products
  • Laboratories specified in lipid (UTU), carbohydrate (VTT, UH, UEF), protein (VTT, UEF, UH), vitamin and mineral (UH) digestion
Human interventions for studies of acute, semi long term and long term exposures for foods, food components and diets as well as cohort studies for population based exposures

Special expertise:

UTU: human interventions combined with food analytics, cohort studies, human metabolic studies

UH: long term interventions with micornutrient bioavailability

UEF:  meal studies with acute responses in combination with psychophysiological measures, human metabolic studies

VTT: neurosensing approach with EEG and ECG


Approaches with specific populations groups:

-Healthy populations

-Sensitive to something populations

-vulnerable populations including children and elderly

-Risk of disease populations

-Disease groups via collaboration with linked hospitals

-Multicentre approach enables larger recruitment