Helsinki Biobank

Helsinki Biobank provides biological samples and associated clinical information as well as expertise in EHR data extraction and mining, digital pathology and data analysis for medical research and R&D purposes.

Helsinki Biobank sample repository contains both prospectively collected samples from over 55,000 (Oct 2018) individuals (available sample types include plasma, serum, DNA, liquor, fresh frozen tissue and FFPE tissue), as well as retrospective sample collections, such as the pathology archives containing diagnostic FFPE samples from 1,4 million individuals (collected during years 1982-2013). While owned by and operated within the hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), Helsinki Biobank provides access to a vast amount of clinical data (diagnoses, procedures, medications, laboratory measurements etc.) of consented biobank donors.

Helsinki Biobank also provides sample preparation from fresh frozen and FFPE samples, e.g. sectioning, staining, TMA construction, slide digitalization, and data analysis.

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