List of services.
Serum samples   Price / 50 samples
Alanine aminotrasferase S-ALAT 90
Alkaline phosphatase - AMP S-AFOS 130
*) Alpha1-acid-glycoprotein (orosomucoid) S-AAG 660
Apolipoprotein A1 S-APOA1 330
Apolipoprotein B S-APOB 330
Aspartate aminotransferase S-ASAT 150
Bilirubin, total (II) S-Bil 160
Cholesterol (2) S-Chol 160
Creatinine (Jaffe) S-Crea 100
Lactate dehydrogenase, L->P S-LDH 310
Non-esterified fatty acids NEFA 700
Protein, total (II) S-Prot 60
Trigycerides S-Trigly 190
Urea nitrogen S-Urea 180
Uric acid S-Urate 310
High density lipoprotein (HDL) S-HDL 520
Low density lipoprotein (LDL) S-LDL 270
Urine samples    
Albumin, micro (microALB) U-Alb-mi 200
Creatinine (Jaffe) U-Crea 100
Urea nitrogen U-Urea 180
  • Sample processing fee for Advia, sample handling, dilutions reruns, usually 50-250EUR depending on workload.
  • Prices are for University of Helsinki customers, VAT 0%.
  • One assay run consists of max. 50 samples.
  • *) Specific species reactivity. In general, immunoturbidity measurements have species (human) specificity.
  • Please contact us for adapting new assays and parameters according to your needs. The manufacturer (Siemens) provides several ready-calibrated assays for the system. If these are in the interests of the research on campus, they can be readily accommodated into the Core's services.