Leading Economist Branko Milanovic traces back to 'homoploutia' as a major cause of increasing income inequality

INEQ will be hosting Branko Milanovic, one of the world’s leading economists of inequality to give a talk at ‘Inequality Talks’, INEQ’s ongoing series of online lectures addressing a wide range of inequalities. The guest talk will take place online (via Zoom) on Monday 12 April 2021. Branko Milanovic is a visiting Presidential Professor at City University of New York, and a senior scholar at the Stone Center on Socio-economic Inequality.

The talk will be based on Milanovic's most recent book Capitalism, Alone (2019), which provides a provocative account of capitalism’s rise to global dominance and, as various models of capitalism compete for world leadership, a look into what the future may hold. Milanovic will discuss and analyze systemic inequalities in liberal capitalist societies with the special emphasis on the phenomenon of homoploutia, that is, of high incomes from both labor and capital received by the same persons.

Branko Milanovic is best known for a breakthrough study of global income inequality from 1988 to 2008, approximately spanning the period from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the global financial crisis. His main area of work involves income inequality, in both individual countries and globally, including in pre-industrial societies. Milanovic has published numerous articles on the empirics and methodology of global income distribution and the effects of globalization. Prospect, the magazine, in July 2020 included Milanovic among the top 50 thinkers in the Covid-19 age.

More information regarding Branko Milanovic’s talk and the link to registration can be found here.

Inequality Talks

There are a few more upcoming INEQ guest talks planned for this spring from leading academics on multifaceted questions intersecting inequalities. Upcoming guest talks include: Professor Gurminder Bhambra, Dr Yilmaz Akyuz, Professor Bo Rothstein and Dr Wendy Bottero.

More Information and the program for the spring INEQ guest talks can be found here.

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